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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Sun is Shining

There are songs that I love immediately that make me go out and buy the entire cd (or download it on iTunes) then find other songs that aren't playing on the radio. I loved this song from Third Day's Wherever You Are album. The album focuses on loss and the valleys that we all experience in our lifetime and how it is God alone that will heal us and give us the strength to keep walking and not grow faint - Isaiah 40:31. My favorite...

The Sun is Shining

Yesterday I found
That everything I knew was wrong
It was upside down
The life I thought I had was gone

But You came and whispered love to me
And You gave me strength to carry on

Oh, the sun is shining
There is hope for me again
A new day’s dawning
The sun is shining

Yesterday I lost
Everything I had and loved
Then I cried out for You, Lord
And You came and picked me up

And the sorrow lasted through the night
But the joy came with the morn

I will lift my voice
No, I won’t be silent
For You heard my cry
And You turned my mourning into dancing
And so forever I’ll sing

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