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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Marketing at its best!

Today I was tickled over a very well-placed bit of marketing creativity. The geniuses over at Taco Bell thought to put tiny little messages on their hot sauce packets. (Yes, I do realize that I am admitting to be a purveyor of Taco Bell's edible delights.) These messages are humorous, off the wall and make you scan through all of million packets that the drive thru gave you.

In today's selection:
"Ahhh...we meet again."
"This space for rent. Inquire within"
"I'm taking the day off. See the next packet." (my favorite from this batch.)

As my hankering for Taco Bell only comes around every few months, it will be a while before these witty little messengers of marketing get to impact me again. My stomach is thanking me.

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