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Monday, October 30, 2006

Stranger From a Strange Land

Some women out there might have dreams of sharing a steamy shower with a dark and mysterious stranger, but after my experience on Sunday I can not be counted in their ranks. Picture it, I'm relishing a relaxing day, getting ready for an annual Halloween party and pretty much enjoying my weekend all around. Showering was one of the requirements for getting ready for the costume shindig. As I'm toweling off I feel a tickle on my left foot.

Enter the dark and mysterious stranger. He hails from a foreign land. I do not know where he came from, and I definitely don't speak his language. He is a cockroach. ON MY FOOT.

Those of you that are Seinfeld fans you will understand what I mean when I say that what followed was a display of "bad naked." I exited that shower in record time, hurdling the edge of the tub with skill that would rival an Olympic track star. And let's just say that the screams I was emitting should have shattered the wine glasses in my kitchen. Now I am running through my apartment in search of an appropriate weapon to kill my intruder. Yet another example of "bad naked." After that task is done I realize that my foot in contaminated. I feel like I have something akin to leprosy growing on my skin.

My battles with creepy crawlies intruding my sanctuary of clean began a while back...here's a related skirmish...


2 Remarks:

Leslie said...

hmmm... should I be having second thoughts about Sunday night;)

Shannon said...

Thanks for the laugh, Meliss! That's probably the most I've laughed since... girls weekend! :)