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Monday, January 09, 2006

The Fight

It would not surprise me right now if my neighbors thought I was fighting off an intruder with the screams that they are hearing come from my apt this afternoon. I have been engaged in an fight to the death...with a cockroach. Ugghhh. Worse that it ran across my hand...this made me scream in decibles that would have shattered glass I'm sure. It was in my dryer...this little crummy creature was crawling around my lovely, fluffy towels that now need to be santized. I was reaching in to take them out when it decided to make its presence known. After screaming, dropping the clean linens on the floor, slamming the door shut, I decide to bake the bug. After 10 min at high heat, the sucker did not die. It was time to go in with the shoe, but before I could reach in there, this 2.5 inch monster launched itself at me. More screaming ensues as I whack away with a certain ruthlessness. I loath these things...and unfortunately I get an occasional visit no matter how clean I keep my apt...and with beautiful warm weather, they come out of the woodwork...literally. My throat hurts now...and I have little comfort that no one would come to my rescue if I was screaming my head off...great neighbors...

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