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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A couple tips...

I don't know what's in the fall air, or what pheromone I am putting off lately, but, whatever it is, it appears that people with the descriptors of "crazy" and "disturbed" seem to be drawn to it.

A few hints as to how to not make a girl want to run in the opposite direction:

1. Do not grab my arm in the middle of the Walmart to tell me that I look pretty today, and then sigh and admit that you wish you had more time with me. That will make me (a.) want to kick you to make you stop grabbing my arm (b.) wonder why you chose to say today, as if you see me every day.

2. Do not stalk me up and down several aisles at Michaels and eventually corner me near the scrapbook supplies just to ask me about my love life and whether you can be my next boyfriend. I know you are an "artist" and want to help my shopping experience, but I'm just there to pick up pens.

3. Do not come up behind me at a gas station and try to take the gas pump out of my hand saying that you would like to pump my gas for me. This is likely to provoke me to react and sling the pump around getting gas all over both of our feet. Nice thought, but still, don't scare me near flammable liquids.

These may seem to be self-explanatory as what not to do, but, hey, maybe no one ever told them?!?

2 Remarks:

Stewart said...

Even if it's inappropriate, I'd be willing to bet you'd rather have that than never hearing it at all =)

Life is tough when you're as dead sexy as we are. Honestly, it's a burden. hah

Melissa Merkel said...

It's not the inappropriate that bothers me, it's the physical contact! Being grabbed by the arm in Walmart is not high on my list of preferred compliments. :)

I know, that's just our cross to carry. *sigh*