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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Below the Gnat Line

This past weekend I traveled below the gnat line. For those of you that aren't familiar with this phenomenon, this is an imaginary line separating north and south Georgia. Separating them in what sense is what you might want to know. I am here to tell you it is separation of sanity. There are a few things in life that will make you lose any semblance of possessing non-psychotic-thought processes pretty rapidly. One of these moments is when a cloud (yes, literally, a cloud) of small black gnats is circling your head. Another moment of psychosis occurs when they are attacking your eyes and seeing how many of the little minions of the devil can fit onto your eyelashes. I'm here to tell you, way too many for my comfort.

Place a wedding in the middle of this bug-filled context. A wedding of a sweet friend in a tiny town in southwest Georgia. Land of pecans, peanuts and snowy white cotton dotting the landscape. Of beautiful sunsets, bright blue skies and various small insects in the order Diptera and specifically within the suborder Nematocera.

Throughout a very touching ceremony, you could hear little puffs and huffs coming from the bridal party. This was in effort to deter the indomitable gnats that had followed us into the First Baptist church of Shellman and did their best impressions of kamikaze pilots as they dive bombed our eyes, noses and ears. Our hands were otherwise engaged. As in, we were holding our bouquets and trying to not look like idiots for all eternity on the wedding video.

The bride was exquisite, the groom was beaming and we had a good time into the wee hours on both Friday and Saturday night. Here are a few memories of that night...

Congrats Amy and Franklin!

I am once again living gnat-free above that infamous line...I just wish the front bumper of my car could say the same.

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