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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Be Still...

What a perfect weekend! Faithful readers, you know that I love to entertain you with quirky events that seem to constantly be occurring in my life, or a random quote sometimes, but there are days and afternoons that need to be shared.

At Brad's recommendation, I rested and was still this afternoon. Out on a breezy porch with a couple of great glasses of pinot grigio, chocolate cheesecake and in the company of two friends. Brad and Beth, favorite people of mine for a while now, but time and circumstances have prevented us from spending time together. What a gift to talk for 6 hours about nothing and everything and enjoy the shadows moving as we relished a beautiful fall afternoon. And on the day that Brad and Dalton got baptized! What fun.

On another note, Julia Ostenson got married last night! I don't believe that I've ever seen a couple more in love...what an incredible thing to watch a groom's face as he's watching his bride walk towards him, especially a groom and bride that can't take their eyes off of each other! Plus, I thought the program had to be wrong, but when I saw that Ginny Owens was the vocalist, I had no idea that the bride and singer were first cousins and one of my favorite artists was going to be mere feet from me singing "Be Thou My Vision." Incredible.

Congratulations Julia and Andy.

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