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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Request

One of the many excuses I use to blog is to keep my friends updated on the things happening in my life, and one of those specific things has been my father's fight with esophogeal cancer. Well, tomorrow is the day that we have been waiting for since we got the diagnosis back in September. He is getting a CT scan that should tell us what the cancer has done and how it has reacted to the treatment. We will know the results by Friday at the latest.

We are very hopeful and trust that whatever the outcome that it is in the Father's plan for us. One of the most beautiful things that I have seen throughout this time was my Dad's faith being the reason for his strength, and that was the very thing that gave him the opportunity to share his faith in Christ. We will never know how many people were influenced while watching him go thru this battle, but that is something that I know has happened along the way.

We have been looking forward to this day...with a lot of hope and constant prayer, but we are still anxious for the results and will have difficulty concentrating on much of anything until we do. Truthfully, I struggle not to be too anxious, not to be scared since I do have faith that things will turn out as they should, but I remember that horrible day that my Dad called and told me he had malignant cancer that had metasticized and my stomach cramps up all over again. Please pray for my family and, specifically, my Dad.

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