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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

An OFF day...

Ever had those days where you are just off? When you say the wrong thing constantly, where things around you seem to be determined to break, spill, explode or stop working, when every piece of food/beverage/open lipstick tube aims itself at your clothing (which happens to be light colored because that is of course what you choose on an off day).

How quickly can you determine that it's going to be an off day? You would think that I would have gotten a clue when I got tangled up in my sheets, fell out of my bed, didn't have towels in my bathroom because of a recent foray into catching up on the laundry, but didn't notice until after I had showered, my coffee maker decided to make a delightful cup of French Vanilla roast for my dog by dripping the brew into her bowl on the floor instead of into the pot, then as I was cleaning said coffee pot, managed to splash it onto my light gray suit pants.

Should I have known that this was going to be one of those kind of days? All signs point to yes, but when one is experiencing the phenomenon of an off day, the catch is that you don't realize it until the power goes off in the middle of blow drying your hair, you add up everything and think that maybe you should just get back in bed, but the problem with that is that you would have to do something about the fact that your sheets are in a twisted knot on the floor and you really have to go to work anyway, and then you realize you are running late because now all your clocks are wrong and you need to run out the door.

One thing can be said for the off day...it gives you something to blog about!

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Shannon said...

Ha! Meliss, you are too funny! I can just picture you doing all of those crazy things! Thanks for the laugh! :)