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Friday, December 30, 2005

Overdoing It

I would not say that I have an obsessive-compulsive personality in the least, but there are times when I get on a kick and then I overdo it. Case in point: when I have gotten on the elliptical/pilates/small weights kick, I realize I may have overdone it when I wake up the next morning and I must not, I repeat, MUST not move my neck or shoulders or else I know that pain will follow. This is not fun. And not conducive to keeping with the exercise kick that I have been doing so well at for the past two weeks. It may be the result of making a motivating workout playlist on my iPod...it just made me keep going last night. Or it may be the result of doing pilates moves in the wrong form...which is most likely it. I dedicated a blog entry long ago to sing the praises of pilates, and I want to revisit my love affair with this wonderful body toning program. I love how strong it makes you feel, plus so many side benefits...for all my married female friends out there that read SELF magazine, pg 102 illustrates them nicely.

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