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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas Recap

Christmas was wonderful...my parents and brother Brad in from Philadelphia and San Diego, and spending the holiday at the Rosebroughs was just like home and couldn't have been better. God is so good...amazing how He provides family through close friends. We have been spending the holidays with the Rosebroughs for about 10 years now, and now we celebrate every holiday with them. Easter usually includes an aggressive hunt for Easter eggs, though this past year was turned into a scavenger hunt due to lack of participants...truthfully I prefer going for blood while searching for plastic eggs that may or may not have money in them! Thanksgiving is a big dinner and Christmas is usually having Christmas Eve dinner together, exchanging gifts, playing a few rounds of catch phrase, which the men usually detest, packing into the cars and going to midnight service at Johnson Ferry Baptist while hoping that Mark Cottingham will be singing "O Holy Night." The only difference this year was that Daddy was too sick to join us Christmas Eve, but he was in great shape for Christmas Day, powering up the video camera for the traditional Christmas morning video. What great blackmail material from the past 25 years...I have learned to get semi-presentable before heading down the stairs to see what Santa brought. This year I got a wonderful crockpot...YAY! Yes, I have already been mocked for my excitement over this gift, but hey, I love to cook, and cooking in large quantities usually means that I have friends coming over for dinner, and this only aids in that endeavor. :) I've included the photos from the family celebrations...


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