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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nicole Nordeman

I went to her concert last night...and was blown away. She is a singer/songwriter, and it was like VH1 Storytellers, with her sharing her thoughts and reasons for her different songs. Amazing voice live. One of my favorite songs from her latest album, Brave.

No More Chains
(Nichole Nordeman)

How did I get locked up inside?
What’s this that renders me paralyzed?
I lost myself in small pieces
It happened over time

I traded love for a heavy chain
Another link every other day
I pulled it up and down a mountain
It made me want to say…

No more chains
No more chains
Big and small, watch them fall away
No more chains
Big and small, watch them fall away

I wonder now if the choice was mine
The door was open, I walked inside
Nobody had my arm twisted
Nobody made me stay

The face of freedom can show up small
A tiny crack in a prison wall
A song that rises up from silence
A voice that wants to say…

I should let you give me wings
I should let you set me free

1 Remarks:

Victor said...

I am currently in love with this song. I'd give anything to see Nichole Nordeman live.