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Thursday, January 19, 2012

How a Puppy Prepares You

It is a bit cliche, but I'm thinking that the idea that a puppy prepares you for parenthood, in some small way, just might be true.  While babies don't come with the advantage of being put in a cage when you leave the house or when they go to sleep, they are generally immobile for the first 6 months and do all their "eliminating" in a diaper which definitely gives babies a leg up in my mind.

I realized recently that Chloe might just be preparing us in ways greater than just being responsible for another little life.  That moment crystallized when I was sitting with Hunt on the couch watching a football game.  I heard an ominous noise that every dog owner learns to know and dread.  I leaned down just in time to put my cupped hands under Chloe's little muzzle and catch what her upset stomach no longer wanted.  Hunt sat there a little shocked and then leapt into action with paper towels while preventing the pup from helping me with the cleanup efforts.

How could you not help out 
this little cuddle bunny?
I generally like to avoid having to clean up difficult messes, so this was definitely the motivating factor to act, rather than an overriding maternal instinct. Yet, I am hoping that this will come in handy when it comes to raising little humans...or at least keep our rugs in good condition for the long run!

2 Remarks:

Lindsay Adams said...

Girl, I totally did the same thing with Sage the other day! She started gagging and my immediate reaction was to cup my hands together underneath her mouth so the carpet didn't catch the brunt of it!! That puppy is totally preparing you for motherhood :)

Melissa, Chris and Chad said...

If only this was really true! Unfortunately, despite having 2 dogs for a few years before our little one was born, there really wasn't any "preparing" for parenthood. It's basically just a "learn-as-you-go" type thing no matter how prepared you think you are. BUT, it is all worth it! It's absolutely wonderful and the most rewarding gift from God! You will be a wonderful mommy when the time comes!