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Monday, December 12, 2011

Gathering Around the Tree

One of my favorite things of the Christmas season is having the Christmas tree all lit up.  I so enjoy the evenings with all of us together in the den with the softly glowing tree.

At one point yesterday afternoon, I was cuddled up under my electric throw blanket (I'm going to be living under that thing this winter) and drifted off to sleep while Hunt was watching football and Chloe was curled up at my feet.  I woke up to find that the sun had set (that happens by 4:30pm up here!), the tree was bathing the den in a warmth of twinkle lights, football was playing in the background, Hunt was stretched out and had nodded off, and Chloe was deep asleep next to us.  It was a perfect Christmas moment in my mind.  All three Andersons warm, cozy, relaxed and napping near the tree together.

In other news about our tree and its lights: I'll give you one guess as to where Chloe decided to take a nibble on a strand and managed to pluck one bulb right off...

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