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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Well, we got a taste of a New England winter this past weekend.  The storm started with sudden heavy snow showers - to the point that when I was running an errand and came back out, my car was already covered in a decent layer of snow.

It snowed, and snowed, and snowed.  We watched in cozy comfort from our living room as Hunt studied and I yelled at the television for Clemson to beat Ga Tech.  And then the power went out around midnight.

And stayed off. Through one day.  And into the next.

We huddled in our bedroom with multiple down blankets and many candles.  Hunt was trying to remain focused on studying for the Cardiology boards while I was focused on figuring out a way to prevent the end of my nose from falling off due to frostbite.

Our building's emergency lights lasted for about eight hours and then our hallways and stairwells became the perfect setting for a Hollywood horror movie.  And Chloe's urge to race at full tilt down those hallways wasn't dampened one bit.  Trying to find a five pound puppy in the dark while balancing a take-out dinner and flashlight would be humorous if the irrational side of my brain wasn't convinced some rabid zombie was going to come howling down the hall after me.

At the start of the storm...
The next morning after 12 inches of snow
We decided to brave the cold one more night and then we would throw in the towel and stay at a hotel a couple towns over that had power.

In the midst of the storm
About 3:00am on Tuesday the power came surging back on.  I woke up and realized that glory, glory we had heat, hot water and light!!!!  I then promptly shook my exhausted and boards-anxiety-riddled husband to tell him the news.  And even more promptly regretted it when he bleary-eyed said that was great and he needed his sleep.  You know, so that he could be rested to take his career-defining test.  Oh, yeah, that little looming thing.
The evergreens are bent almost in half!

After taking four bags of ruined food to the dumpster I relished a gloriously hot shower.  (We had resorted to showering in the locker rooms of the hospital, but nothing is like your own shower that you've bleached yourself.  Oh, and I managed to meet Hunt's boss for the first time while heading to said locker room *sigh*)  I threatened Chloe, who badly needs a deep cleaning, that I would take her with me in the shower, but just couldn't bring myself to handle a wet, squirmy and yelpy puppy after multiple days of cold water and dark rooms.  I don't think she minded.  In fact, I'm pretty sure she supported this decision whole-heartedly.

I'm told by our neighbors that this was a first, that they didn't lose power at all last winter during the most punishing blizzards they had had in decades.  Hopefully this won't be a repeat and is due to a freak snowstorm smothering tree limbs heavy with foliage.

Remember when I was wishing for cooler weather in the midst of hot and humid August?  I take it back.

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