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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Living in Arlington

When we lived in D.C. one thing is loved about going to work every day was passing Arlington Cemetery during my drive.  And, on the mornings I was motivated, I would walk/run the mile down the road to the Iwo Jima memorial right next to the cemetery.  It was inspiring.  Especially on the Thursday evenings that the Marine color guard would be out in full dress to take down the flag at sunset.

It made my chest swell with patriotic pride, as well as silently remember the cost of freedom.  That freedom has never been free, and that our brave soldiers lay down their lives to keep us free.

The seasons were beautiful to watch as they passed through Arlington.  The colorful leaves of autumn, the stillness of winter with Christmas wreaths laid on the gravestones, and the lacy new breath of life with Dogwood trees blooming in the spring.

I miss the daily reminder of America's greatest military strength, her soldiers.

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