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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Of Corn Mazes and Puppies

We are determined to fully enjoy our time up here in New England and that included visiting a local orchard that had a corn maze.  It was such a beautiful fall weekend with temps in the 80's, clear blue skies, and fall colors just starting to pop out.

We decided to take the pup with us to experience the outdoors and see if her inner bloodhound could help us in the maze.

The farm and orchard we visited have been family-owned since the 1930's and we drove only backroads to get there, taking in the quaint architecture and small town main streets.  The maze covered 4 acres, and is a pretty complicated pattern when seen from above.

Fur face had a great time exploring, chasing after us, trying out the local variety of corn, randomly collapsing like a rag doll in the middle of the path and culminating with a ride of Lil' Sebastian.  It was pretty entertaining and definitely a departure from our typical weekend!

Phew!  Worn out already.

Got to try the local fare!

Hunt was giving her a pep talk to finish out the maze.

"What is that thing?!?"

Hunt was determined that she would get a ride on the miniature pony... aka Lil' Sebastian.

"Get me off of this thing!"

Taking a hay ride around the orchards, maze and pumpkin patch.

"Mmmmmmm....good apples."

Happy Fall!

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