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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Bringing Home Fur Baby

Our fur baby arrived on Saturday afternoon on a flight from Oklahoma from the wonderful home of Vicki at the Turner Dog Ranch.  We picked her up at the American Airline cargo area, where her cage was waiting in a gloomy and cavernous warehouse.  We stepped up to the door of her pet taxi and she was a quiet little ball of fur looking up at us with enormous eyes.  We spoke softly to her and she tentatively licked the fingers we stuck through the screen.  She didn't make a peep as we carried the cage outside to the grass near our car to unload and and meet her.  

I helped her out and picked up her trembling little body and held her tight.  I was worried that she was traumatized by her flight and being away from her mama.  But as soon as I put her down on the ground to give her some water, she became a different puppy.  She was all wiggles and wagging tail.  She bounded around, greeting me and Hunt, exploring the ground and still not making a sound.  

What a scared little face!

The real little miss finally appeared!

Hunt trying to tell her where to go...it didn't really translate.

Still a little nervous at being held up in the air.

Hunt the proud new daddy - the Boston skyline is in the background

A little out-of-sorts at the beginning of the ride home.

Right after we got home she snuggled up next to Hunt and promptly fell asleep.

Watching the Clemson game - she climbed up and cuddled with me on the recliner.

Loving her new toy that Hunt picked up.

We might have taken a nap together on Sunday afternoon - and didn't want to get up when I did.  Turns out that Tempurpedic pillows are perfect for puppies...

Look at how that Tempurpedic curve supports her belly so well.  I love her little frogged-out legs.

And her freckles on her belly.  That she likes to show us often.

Got a little chilly and needed a good, cuddly blanket.

Look at those eyelashes!

Promptly after I took the above picture she whimpered, got up and crawled over to hide her face in Hunt's side.  She'll need to get used to being in front of the camera around here!

Give me kisses!

OK, just a little smooch.

Fun little work buddy loves to sleep at my feet...making it hard to move my chair, but such a cute view when I look down.  It's definitely a huge adjustment to get used to taking her out regularly, making sure she doesn't have the opportunity to have an accident, and then keeping her occupied when she's wanting to play.  Most of the day, she's napping peacefully at my feet.  That and learning how to run up the multiple flights of stairs to our apartment...and the fact that she doesn't like to be in the cold and rain-soaked grass.  Getting her to go to the bathroom in the snow looks like it's going to be a challenge...

And no, we haven't picked a name yet.  Lord help us if He ever blesses us with children.  At least we'd have nine months to make that decision.

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