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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I thought we were in New England

...and that we could stop worrying about being impacted by hurricanes!

Irene wouldn't bother us one bit except for the fact that Hunt and I are supposed to travel to Atlanta this weekend for not one, but two weddings of dear friends. And while I am very happy that the bride with the outdoor wedding on Saturday no longer needs to worry about being pummeled by wind and rain, it does appear that the eye wall of Hurricane Irene is passing very close to Boston Sunday evening...right when we are due to be flying into Logan airport.

It doesn't really impact me since I am able to work from any location as long as I have an internet connection. It greatly impacts Hunt since for some reason he can't perform long-distance emergency interventions in the cath lab. (I've asked him to look into it, but it appears without some kind of meta-physics miracle, it's not going to happen) So, I may have to attend solo. Which stinks. Along with many of my girlfriends who have husbands with jobs that cause them to travel or be restricted to certain locations, going solo to weddings is something of a norm in our lives. I wouldn't care so much if it weren't for the fact that my husband is so unbelievably fun. He brings a lot of humor to just about any situation and, to top it off, he's a great dancer. All in all, a fantastic wedding date.

So, Irene, woman-to-woman here, could you just keep moving further east please?

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Leslie said...

Hah, I found myself looking for the "Like" button after reading the last sentence. It wasn't there :) Have fun in ATL... I miss you and wish I could just zip down there to say hello.

Melissa M. Anderson said...

Me too Leslie! I'm hoping that our paths will cross soon! love and miss you