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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Southern Suggestions: Taking it Up North

While I am technically still below the Mason-Dixon line, it certainly seems like I left it behind a couple hundred miles back down I-95.

Not quite three weeks ago I relocated to D.C. to start a new job with Trinet Internet Solutions - I'm selling our services to churches and ministries east of the Mississippi River and it has started in full swing. I'm still learning the ropes and adjusting from being in a job where I was a resource to my coworkers to now where I am asking a million questions and am the new kid on the block. My new office is full of kind, welcoming people and my morning commute consists of driving past the Lincoln memorial, going over the Memorial Bridge (it leads to the entrance of Arlington cemetery) and going past the Pentagon. If we are talking on the phone while I'm going past America's hub of of military operations, please expect our call to drop out...I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but really now, it's more than a coincidence in my mind.

I've found an awesome bakery and coffee shop right around the corner from my office, and I drive past a Target and a Harris Teeter on my way home. These things bring a certain comfort and familiarity. Not so much that I ever shopped at Harris Teeter, but that my church was housed in one for a few years.

It still hasn't hit me that I live here now. I'm ecstatic to be near Hunt, and moments like this morning, when I met him for a coffee date before heading to work, is something we haven't been able to do for two years. It is wonderful to be able to date again before we head down the aisle!

Living in D.C. is surreal, good and hard all at the same time. I know that Christ didn't call us to follow him to have an easy, stress-free or painless life - and that there is joy found in going where he calls us to go. And I have no doubt that I was called to marry Hunt, follow him wherever he is sent, and that it is an incredible blessing to be planning a marriage to a man that I adore. And a blessing to have a job in this market!

So while I'm not living in the Bible belt I'll just have to make my own sweet tea and continue to say things like "y'all." It will be the "sweet & southern" life transplanted in D.C. And that can go anywhere!

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