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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Wedding Disconnect: Focus

In the midst of wedding plans, preparing for a new job, my upcoming move to DC and figuring out when in the heck I'm going to get it all done (oh, and sleep too!) there are bright spots that grab my attention and make me focus in on what this is all about and what is truly important.

Like tonight - I had just finished sending a looooong email about calendaring dates for upcoming trips back to Atlanta, when I closed out gmail and I saw on my desktop a wonderful reminder that focused me in, back from the land of crazy-bride. Hunt and I share our calendars and have a program for our Macs that shows us upcoming events on our desktop. And tonight I saw Hunt's event "Melissa Arrives!" scheduled for two weeks from now.

It made me focus like a laser-beam and forget briefly how I can't yet figure out how I'm going to wrap up my life here and get up there in 14 days. It's all good stuff. I get to be in the same town as Hunt after two years. We'll get to go on dates in the middle of the week! We'll watch TV and eat dinner together and get to say "goodnight" in person! We won't have to rely on AT&T's (spotty) network to talk to each other!

I'm very glad for that little reminder on my desktop.

Kind of makes me think that for Hunt's sake I should remove the "mental/emotional breakdown" that I have calendared about a week from now when I will be in the middle of packing...

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