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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crate and Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest

Hopefully this will be a quick favor. I've entered Hunt and myself in the Crate and Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest.

We're late in the game, but hey, if we get enough votes we might win a $1,000 gift card and that sounds good to me!

If you're willing, would you
a.) vote for us and
b.) pass this on and ask others to vote for us? (and facebook/twitter/blog if you're up to it!)

It is literally two clicks to vote, so if you can, please vote and pass (and pass, and pass, and pass) along! The contest ends at the end of the day Wednesday, so just two more days to vote!

(Unfortunately, you cannot edit the entry after posting it. And yes, the type-A in me has noticed the extra word in the first sentence...)

1 Remarks:

Anonymous said...

I've placed my vote. Hope you guys win! Very cute picture of the two of you!!!