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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Southern Suggestions: Breakfast in Atlanta

One of my favorite things to do it eat. And, as Julia Child said, I do it so well! Here are some of my suggestions for some breakfast delights to dive into (along with my favorite dishes) in the Atlanta area:

  1. West Egg Cafe: I love this place since it's off the beaten path, and the food is delicious. The café au lait, roasted garlic grits, and fried green tomato wraps are heavenly.

  2. Ria's Bluebird Cafe: In a cool location across from Oakland Cemetery and great outdoor covered seating. I'm so glad Anne Almasy introduced me to this gem of a restaurant. Don't miss the pancakes that the NY Times said were the "best in the world." Not that I put much stock in the Times since I think it's a commie rag. Kiddie, just kiddie. Sort of. BUT, the pancakes are fantastic, and the Bluebird Burrito, with homemade salsa verde, is a kickin' way to wake up your taste buds.

  3. Waffle House: As if I could leave off the list this most southern of southern greasy spoons. Generic? Yes. On every corner? You bet. Good? Definitely. Dive into a Pecan Waffle and be thankful for all those groves down in south Ga.

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3 Remarks:

Leslie said...

you are my only friend who truly loves waffle house like i do... so glad we live in the South where they are abundant!

Blasé said...

I love to eat, too.

I say we all just stop what we're doing and go do some eating of some sort or another

Kristie said...

I'm totally with you on West Egg and Ria's!! Both are amazing!!! Waffle House is great too.. but not on my top 3. But, always good on a low budget pinch!!