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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Southern Suggestions: Gadgets

It may not get as much attention as Oprah's favorite things episode, but I've come across some gadgets, do-dads and pure nonsense that I enjoy and thought would be good to pass along every Wednesday.

Without further ado here is my kitchen-themed Southern Suggestions for this week:

  1. Thermos TherMax travel coffee mugs. Oh. my. gosh. They keep coffee hot for 3 hours! This makes for many nice morning since I like to bring my home-made coffee to work. They come in different models, colors, etc., but the Nissan sub-brand is best in my mind. Not as cheap as some others, but since I use the one I own every day, it's a worthwhile investment compared to the ten mugs that sit unused in the kitchen cabinet.

  2. CIA knives. Not super-spy knives like you might have guessed. Just the most awesome kitchen knives straight from the Culinary Institute of America. Veggies and fruit chop themselves when a CIA knife comes in sight. They're that good.

  3. Crate and Barrel grill grid. Hunt found this beauty of a grill accessory. It's awesome and non-stick. Two essentials in cookware for my needs.

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2 Remarks:

Shannon said...

Love it, Meliss! Thanks for these suggestions! I've seriously been looking for new knives since forever, so I'll have to check the CIA ones out!

Janet said...

Just love the mug you gave me! In fact I thinkit might stay warm for an aditional 2 hours.