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Monday, August 03, 2009

Not much to say...

For most of 2009 I haven't had much to say. Not that many people are reading what I write, but I would rather share something fun or informative than ramble on in a purposeless stream of consciousness.

And I walk the line of what I want to share, what I can share, what I shouldn't share and what is better not said. Part of that is being on staff at a large church in a position that brings me in contact with a good number of our attenders and trying to be appropriate since my job definitely bleeds into my personal life...and another is being convicted that I probably shouldn't comment on many things I would love to share my opinion on.

Considering the venomous comments I received in response to my political viewpoint that I shared often during last year's election, I'm amazed at the randomness of anonymous people that troll stranger's blogs and insert caustic diatribes. I just had a sweet, amazing friend attacked by an anonymous commenter on her blog. In their cowardice and cloak of non-identity, they felt that it was alright to condemn and malign her. And because of tracking, I know that they started here, at my blog. What could lead someone to be that vicious? What right do they imagine that they have to say hateful things to a person they don't know?

To that person: Stop. Your comments are not needed, wanted or valued.

Update: Again, you gutless and vicious commenter, how dare you think you have the right to say the things you do? I will not address you again since you do not deserve notice as you are cowardly and weak to only say the things you do while you are anonymous. I have no doubt that you would not have the courage to say the things you do if you had to do it face-to-face. I do not respect people like you and you disgust me.

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3 Remarks:

Melissa Hawley said...

Wow. That's exactly why I have my blog set to only publish comments after I've approved them. I had someone posting junk comments on mine one time. On another note, hope you are doing great!

Brian said...

Write what you want when you want, this is your blog, your life. I keep up with it like The AJC. I wouldn't have known about Papa passing without it. Those of us who really know you can hear your voice behind the words you post so please continue. Brian

Sandy said...

I'm gonna have to second Brian's remarks. I love reading your thoughts Melissa. You are one of my favorite bloggers--and even though I rarely comment, I always smile, laugh or ponder after your posts. Blog-on girl!