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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

9 not 29

Birthdays rank high on my list of "Things I Enjoy." And yesterday was no exception. And since surprises are also on that same list, the fact that I received several just amped up the entire experience of turning 29.

Surprise #1: My friend Amy drove up from Columbus and showed up at Buckhead Church just to say hello and bring me a sweet birthday gift. The fact that it was a hilarious sleeping mask and comfy slipper socks added to my delight.

Surprise #2: Mom came to take me to lunch and arrived with a box of cupcakes to share with my class, err, coworkers. She declared that I was 9, not 29, and that I needed a treat to pass out on my special day. Needless to say, my coworkers greatly appreciated the devil's food cake with strawberry frosting. And so did I - there is nothing like reliving when you got to be birthday queen in your 3rd grade class and direct the passing out of your treats.

Surprise #3: After lunch I returned to my desk to find an exquisite bouquet of yellow roses from Hunt. So sweet. I just wish my cube was in a more central place so that I could brag about them without having to directly drag people over to check them out. Trust me, it's not stopping me though.

To finish out the day, my precious roommate, Kelly, arranged for a dinner party at Treehouse restaurant. Several of my friends joined us and it was a great way to close out the day. It is such a nice thing to look around and see such tangible blessings in the form of wonderful family and friends. Thank you to everyone for making 29 so much fun so far!

Since I've gotten my practice round in, I think turning 29 next year is going to be even better!!

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3 Remarks:

amy said...

love that little laaamb mask on you smurf!! so glad i could be a small part of your special birthday!

Leslie said...

I had a dream last night that you cried because I couldn't come to your birthday party. I was in Atlanta but I didn't have any party clothes, so I drove to Charlotte, picked some up, and drove back to Atlanta. I didn't want to be responsible for spoiling your day.

Tammy said...

I hear ya.... I think my second go at 29 will be even better! The boys and I want to cometake you to lunch soon!!!