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Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween '08

Alright, I'm a little late in getting this online, but we went as the...

UPS delivery guy and a UPS package

You can't see Hunt's jacket, but I found the perfect $15 brown jacket at WalMart. We put a few UPS labels on there and it became a great uniform. Plus, the "what can brown do for you" t-shirt I found on eBay.

A special thanks to Miss Robin for a UPS hat that lit up on the brim mimicking headlights. We discovered it blinded most people, causing great agitation, and therefore decided against using it.

I found a UPS shipping label online and with a little Photoshop magic, transformed it to being delivered to the party and the tracking number spelling out Halloween Party 2008.

The box worked out well, but was a little difficult to navigate among 1,500 people at the Old Post Office Pavilion which is a fantastic place to have a party. We saw incredible costumes...here are a few that we snapped pictures of...

ET with a glowing heart and Gertie somewhere nearby, Sarah Palin and Joe Six-Pack (Hunt's friends Stephanie and Eric) and my competitor, a FedEx bubble wrapped package.

It was a great night, complete with strangers stopping us on M street in Georgetown and taking pictures with us.

Most women thought it was creative and great, and most men thought it was just OK (I heard a couple times "So what, you're a box?"). But when Hunt's idea of the added gag portion to the costume was revealed, the guys were completely won over. I then heard: "that's the best costumer ever!" Think Pamela Anderson in a black low cut dress. I had a plastic replica of that tied on to me underneath the box. Slightly uncomfortable, but gave a lot of laughs, so it was worth it.

The best part of the costume in my mind? Other than being a creative couple's costume, I had the perfect storage place for my wrap and my purse. Didn't have to hold it, just stow it away. Evidently wearing an uncomfortable cardboard box has an upside...

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Shannon said...

Love your costume!! It turned out great! And I remember the Old Post Office Pavilion from our days in DC... what a cool place!

Tammy said...

Very creative! Good job you two!!! Hope to get to see you again really soon! Love you LOTS!

Anonymous said...
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