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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That sounds familiar...

When I think back to different memories, it's usually accompanied by a certain song(s) as the soundtrack.

I just happen to know every single word to Carly Simon's Coming Around Again album. This did not win me any points for coolness in middle school in case you were wondering. That was the album of choice that my mother would play on Saturday mornings while we did chores as a family. My brother and I were expected to work as long as the music played. You would think that I would hate that album as a result...but I've found that when "All I Want Is You" comes on, it generates an unusual amount of productivity.

I vividly remember Dad playing Marty Robbins' "El Paso" in our living room when I was 6 or 7 years old - telling us the story of a lonesome cowboy that fell in love with a Mexican girl. The resulting tears from a tender-hearted little girl probably caught my Dad off guard...poor guy.

Every time I hear Third Day's "I've Always Loved You," I'm taken back to my Junior year at Clemson, riding in a car full of girls in the far northwest corner of South Carolina on our way to Campus Crusade's fall retreat up at Table Rock.

Without fail, hearing the strands of Handel's "Messiah" immediately takes me back to Thanksgiving weekend of '00, singing on stage at Carnegie Hall under the direction of John Rutter.

When it comes to music, it connects memories and moments for me; I love it constantly being on in the background whether I'm cooking, reading, working or entertaining; and I enjoy discovering new artists.

After I've discovered a new artist, I tend to want to hear their stuff all the time. Nathan Angelo was my favorite this spring...and the song "Through Playing Me" might have gotten a lot of play on my iPod. Hearing that song makes me remember waking up on chilly mornings and being energized to get going.

This summer/fall it is Matt Nathanson. I had heard a song on the radio that had me singing along by the second chorus, but I had no idea who the artist was. I kept catching it half-way through every so many days, and trying to remember to go look it up on iTunes.

Until I was driving around one afternoon with the s.o. and he started playing my latest, greatest favorite on his iPod. I'm still unsure how the resulting squeals of excitement didn't cause him to drive off of the bridge we were crossing. Turns out that I already had that artist's entire collection of album on my own iPod since I happen to be dating someone that loves to share his 100 GB library of music with anyone that wants it. All this time, and I had no idea.

So, now, the song "Come On Get Higher" makes me think of driving around town with the sun roof open, the wind from the open windows whipping my hair around, and beautiful, warm days. I highly recommend checking the entire album Some Mad Hope, and use it as the soundtrack for a beautiful day.

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Sandy Broome said...

Sometimes I just have to stop and thank God that I was born in a time when music is available 24/7 via airwaves, ipods, car stereos, etc...

And like you, there are certain songs that bring back memories with clarity that is mind-boggling.

For instance, each time I hear John Mayer's "Why Georgia?" I think of driving home after every visit with Leslie, hole in my heart and lump in my throat.

I still love that song though because it was such a defining time for all of us.

I LOVE your blog--and we miss you!
P.S.> "we" are having a baby tomorrow in case you didn't know! ;)