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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Who likes free coffee?

Guess what? Not only did Starbucks shut down nationwide a while back to retrain their baristas (read here: coffee mixologists) to make the perfect cup of coffee, but they gave everyone that reads the AJC's Sunday paper a FREE Brewed Coffee Card. I was unaware of this gift until my roommate generously gave me the card out of our Sunday paper since she snagged the one at her parent's house.

So...from today until the 14th, I can receive a free small hot or iced brewed coffee from Starbucks.

How great is that?

For those of you that get the paper and missed this nifty give away, I suggest rummaging through the recycling bin at your earliest possible chance.

Another suggestion, that even though it's free, it might be a nice idea to give a little tip to your friendly drive through barista. Another topic for another time, but when I was waiting tables, nothing else could get under my skin quite like getting a fraction of a tip because a customer had a coupon or gift card. No matter the coupon, I still had to tip out to the bar 3% of the total tab, and 2% to the bus boys.

So, for all of you coupon lovers out there, and I'm admittedly one of them, if you haven't realized that is a crummy thing to do, you now know.

Hmmm...maybe this free brewed iced coffee has some kickin' caffeine in it. Just maybe.

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