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Monday, April 14, 2008

You do it to?

I know that there are some of you out there that manage to be singly focused and industrious all day long and resist the temptation to use the internet for anything other that work-related duties. For those of us that aren't liars, here are a couple sites that I find myself using and referencing regularly.

Twitter - a service that lets you micro-blog. I've got my updates linked here on my blog...so in essence a blog within a blog...which may be a bit much on the blog scale...

Pollstar - a great site for finding events in your city. Search by artist, city, or venue.

Farecast - want to know the odds of finding a lower fare for the airplane ride you've got coming up? If you enjoy risk and want to feel like you're playing the odds (without going to sin city) you can go by this site and see their predictions of your fare rising or falling in the next week or so. You can also get fare tracking updates sent to your email.

Snopes - I have learned before ever sending a forward email to my father to check it's veracity on this urban legend website first. It has fun debunking myths and taking away the hopes of many as it informs that no, you will not receive a check from Bill Gates for forwarding on an email where Bart Simpson will magically appear and run across your screen. And by the way, your cell number is not about to be blasted out over the internet, you will not be "bumped" by newbie gang members, and setting off your car alarm when a break in happens isn't your best defense.

Name Wizard - since it appears that if you drink the water, breathe the air, or just come on staff here at BC you will be bringing a new life into the world in a short span of time (thoughts on rampant pregnancy some other time) this little site is pretty interesting for seeing the popularity and trend of a particular name over the last century. Doesn't hurt that there are fun graphics to play with as well.

::: Melissa hit it's popularity in the 70's, at a ranking of #3 out of 1000 names. I was named on the down slide, being named in the early 80's when it was a mere #7 out of 1000. If my father had not surreptitiously named me that instead of the planned Alyssa, I may have stood out in the crowd. Comments about crowds and my height at this juncture will be deleted. :::

Ok, that should give you truthful procrastinators out there plenty to do. Of course, there is always wikipedia which has provided most of the reference pages on this post.

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Jerry said...

Gee thanks, It turns out my name was at it's most popular in the 1940's (#19) and went downhill quickly from there. It is now #318. I'll never be cool... *sad*

I'm going to make up an incredible story about how I got my name. Maybe then I can be cool...

No wait, I'm going to work. And I'm going to work hard all day long. I am not sitting at my desk right now checking blogs. I am working...