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Monday, March 31, 2008

New (or rediscovered) Favorite Things

Over the past year, I was introduced to (or was reacquainted with) a few things that were immediate favorites. I recommend that you take this list seriously and go and get yours.

1. Thymes Kimono Rose perfume rollerball

2. Maggiano's pesto four-cheese ravioli

3. MacBooks

4. Sweetwater Blue

5. Burt's Bees lip balm

6. Chanel Chance perfume

7. Cafe at Pharr's chicken salad

8. My best work tool: an orange sharpie

9. Arbonne's sea salt scrub

10. Sarah Groves album: Add to the Beauty

11. Chick-fil-a's limited edition mint cookies and cream milkshake
::: warning: do not read caloric info at the bottom of that website if you want to continue to enjoy the Chick's oh so delicious milkshakes :::

12. Black Crowe's song: Soul Singing

13. Noise canceling headphones

14. Ambien
::: for use on trans-Atlantic plane rides, and only with a valid prescription please :::

15. Using the camera on your cell phone to send picture texts

1 Remarks:

Jerry said...

While I won't be rushing out to buy any of the perfumes unless it's for someone else, I can agree with the rest of the list (especially the Ambien).