Sweet Tweets

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


A few things that have made my days great lately:

Waking up early with no problem because I went to bed early.
(my wish is to be a morning person no matter how much my wiring doesn't want me to be)

Walking outside at dawn - hearing the birds wake up and call to each other

Discovering 100 calorie popcorn - kettle corn packets made for 1! Great afternoon snack.

Discussions of upcoming beach trips.

Scaring the squirrels that are searching for the now hidden bird feeder on my deck and watching them jump blindly for the closest tree limb as a result. I know, I'm weird and slightly demonic.

Receiving a beautiful bridesmaid's dress in the mail.

Finding new ways to create more financial margin in my life.

Loving, loving, loving my job.

Getting in food fights with other cars while driving down I-85. (yes, Mom, I knew the people in the other cars)

Preparing to go to Greece.

Baking banana bread with extra walnuts on top in the morning before work. Did I tell you I love getting up early when I get enough sleep to begin with?

Falling asleep to the sounds of cicadas and crickets while up in North Georgia.

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