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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A perfect summer night

My friend Jaime's blog about the top 10 things she loves about New York City summers made me think about what I love about Atlanta/southern summers. Last night was one of those great summer nights we have down here. It had been raining on and off all day, so it wasn't as blazingly hot and by 7:30 it was that perfect temperature and humidity. Which, for anyone, anywhere else in the 50 states, is too much humidity I'm sure.

There are few things like I like better than driving with the windows down, sunroof back, music playing (John Mayer, Dancing in a Burning Room), hair blowing every direction but backwards, around old Atlanta neighborhoods in that golden hour before sunset. As I was heading in after a wandering drive among some of the most beautiful streets, dark clouds started rolling in. Just in time, I walk through the door to hear a low rumble and see the leaves outside starting to get pelted with fat raindrops. I love summer thunderstorms. I sat on my porch listening to the rain and distant thunder and can easily understand why some people like having this play on a noise maker every night to help fall asleep.

What has wrecked this perfect night is the fact that at 6:30 PM, before my lovely couple of hours of an Atlanta summer night, I decided to drink a white chocolate mocha with an extra shot of espresso to be able to have enough kick in me to get a few things done tonight. Well, a few things done, sleep attempted, sleep aborted, and now it's 4:00 AM and I'm writing this entry.

I'll let you figure out how I feel about this morning and it's potential for being called "perfect."

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Jamie said...

Aww this made me miss Atlanta summer, too!! :)