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Saturday, April 14, 2007

In the land of the living

Just a quick update - the surgery went well on Monday, everyone was wonderful at Piedmont hospital, including my recovery nurse, Louise, who had to whisper dire threats in my ear that if I didn't relax after coming out of the anesthesia that I would be quickly feeling twice as bad. Quick note: putting a gauze pad soaked in alcohol over the nose will help to make nausea go away faster. And Lord help me, I got in trouble with her when I fussed at Mom while I was getting ready to leave...who knows, something about the wheelchair was upsetting me, but she wasn't about to let me get away with that.

Once we made it home, we were able to make it up a flight of stairs without incident or further injury with the help of a good friend. Evidently mom was very concerned that considering my past history of not being able to walk post-anesthesia that I would present her with a lot more dead weight than she could handle.

That being said, I have spent the last week in bed, sleeping and drinking fluids and being tended to with mom's special brand of TLC. I went outside for the first time this week and enjoyed the beautiful day. I'll be back to work in a couple days, so I better get ready! Not sure that my clients will understand me, when I do speak, I sound like I have a horrible lateral lisp...

Thank you to all my friends for the wonderful phone calls, voicemails, emails and flowers...they have brightened my week!

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