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Monday, February 26, 2007

New Addition...

Drum roll please...

Right before midnight on Thursday night, Chase Maximilian came into this world! He is healthy and so is mommy, my college roommate and dear friend, Shannon. Check out her blog to see any updates.

I can't believe that Sha-nay-nay is a mommy! Though that disbelief has nothing to do with her capability, more with the fact that we are entering the parent years evidently. It seems such a short time from being kids ourselves, going off to school, being on our own for a little while, then all of a sudden we are old enough to have children and start families. Though, in reality, this phase of life is not here for me yet, it still feels like time is speeding by.

Shannon will be a terrific mother. She is tender and strong all at the same time. One of my sweetest friends that can always be relied upon to speak truth and wisdom into my life, and I can always count upon to be loving, encouraging and supportive. I remember back to our senior year at Clemson when I was stressing over some huge project that was due in a marketing class, this mechanical engineering candidate actually took time out of her studying and made me dinner while I worked and called me to the table when it was ready so that I would have a good meal to keep me going. She did this more than once. Friends rarely take care of each other like that. It is one of my favorite memories from living with her...that and the "lisp sorority."

Shay, if you're reading this in between feedings and diaper changes, I miss our nights of hamburger helper and Ed. And I can't wait to come see you and the little guy. All my love darlin'.

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Shannon said...

Thanks Meliss!!! You're so sweet! Made me get all teary-eyed! I miss you too! Thanks for all of the awesome Arbonne stuff! That was a great surprise! ;)