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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Going Home

Going home is:

  • a little dog named Molly wiggling with extreme excitement just because you're there.
  • the furniture in "your room" is the same furniture you had when you were six.
  • Mom tucking you in and scratching your back.
  • Dad waking you up in the morning by sitting on the edge of your bed and giving you a hug.
  • milk in the fridge, Cheerios and Rice Krispies in the pantry, fresh coffee every morning, Breyers ice cream in the freezer, a bowl of red hots on the counter, cranberry bread with apricot butter and brownies with powdered sugar on top.
  • hearing Carly Simon, the Moody Blues and Mary Chapin Carpenter on the cd player.
  • a Clemson game (football, basketball or baseball) on the TV.
  • a candle burning in the kitchen making the whole house smell sweet.
  • a teapot with lemon lift tea on the stove.
  • a dog that tries to sit at the table with you while you are having dinner.
  • staying up late to watch the Daily Show, Law & Order, Grey's Anatomy and the Office.
  • a bathroom that Mom has stocked with your favorite things just in case you forgot something in your travels.
  • the happy realization that it's home no matter where the house is.

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