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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Favorite Tastes

One night when I was deciding what I wanted for dinner, I started thinking of my favorite dishes and what I was craving. That brought up a list of Atlanta restaurants in my mind and what I love best to order there...so I thought I would share and see if any of you have suggestions of where I need to sample some delicious flavors next.

South City Kitchen: Fried green tomatoes
Pasta de Pulcinella: Tortelli de Mele (sausage and apple raviolis)
Horseradish Grill: Buttermilk Chicken and spice cake
Pig 'n Chik: pulled pork sandwich with original bbq sauce
Sundial at Westin Peachtree: Caramel apple martini
Nicola's: Grape leaves
Tin Drum Asia Cafe: Vietnamese spring roll
Chow Baby: Mix of random veggies, meats and sauces
ENO: Salmon wrapped in grape leaves
Slopes: Brunswick stew
Tacqueria del Sol: Fried chicken tacos
5 Seasons Brewing: Filet au Poivre
Cafe Intermezzo: Cafe Bach and apple pie a la mode
La Tavola Trattoria: Veal Scallopine
Blue Ridge Grill: Parmesan cheese grits and medium rare steak
The Vortex: Cheddar cheeseburger with tater tots
J Christophers: Strawberry french toast
2 Urban Licks: Prime rib with horseradish sauce
Eatzies: Toasted almond gelato and raspberry chipotle sauce

4 Remarks:

Scott said...

fried chicken tacos....mmmmmm that's all i ever get there.

Shannon said...

Oh my gosh, I need to come visit you SOON so you can take me to eat all of this fabulous food!!!

Melissa Merkel said...

Come on then!!! :) You + me + food = perfection!

Ally said...

I love trying new restaurants/foods, so thanks for all of the suggestions. If you haven't tried the crab cakes at South City Kitchen and Blue Ridge Grill, you should. And the tollhouse pie at Murphy's. And the pesto chicken salad sandwich at Wolfgang Puck Express. And the cake batter flavor at Coldstone Creamery and the white chocolate cake from Piece of Cake. And one of my absolute favorites even though it's not fancy or anything--cinnamon raisin bagels with cinnamon raisin cream cheese from Goldbergs. I could go on and on, but this is a start.