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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Do not try this at home

Evidently, this is what happens to your jeans if you are taken to a trauma center after falling 12 feet from an attic access onto a concrete garage floor, which is exactly what my father did on Saturday afternoon.

Ordinary removal of clothing is not optimal when someone has torn off a good portion of the skin on their hand, possibly broken their left leg and is rushed in on an ambulance. In my father's words, they "swarmed" him and started cutting at his clothes with surgical scissors. I am happy to report that he is perfectly fine, and fortunate, considering how bad it could have been.

After finding out that he was fine, my grandparents and I got handy with the stapler while waiting for them to come back home. We thought it might cheer my dad up to see his pants is "working order" again. I wouldn't advise wearing jeans that have been stapled together, though we did think it through and placed the staples on the outside for optimal comfort.

Worn 'em yet Dad?

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Shannon said...

See, that's exactly why I didn't want to go to the hospital... they do crazy stuff like cut your pants off!!! Glad your dad is okay!