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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Seen and Heard

One of the perks of selling to manufacturing and industrial clients is that I often get to experience new and exciting things all the time. Here are just a few of those daily delights:

  • There will NEVER be photographic evidence of this, but I was recently spotted sporting a lovely, fresh-off-fashion week, designer hairnet. Just to let you know, I don't look good in a hairnet. In fact, no one does. I don't know how plants that require people to wear hairnets at all times actually manage to produce anything. It seems to me that they would waste all of their time laughing at each other over how ridiculous they look. I just can't seem to make myself take another person seriously when they appear to be wearing a showercap with no shower in sight.
  • I was recently sent a message over our inter-office system: "Have we heard from Jesus?" As I got ready to have a serious conversation with the staff member who sent this to me, I was quickly sidelined, realizing that this was a contract employee at one of our clients. Guess I'll put away the holy water.
  • It is always a point of curiosity for many of the good ol' boys to see me tromping around in their warehouses and assembly plants. I think for many of the forklift drivers it's become a game to see how fast they can make me run or jump to get out of their way. I was recently followed by a forklift down a long aisle of products that were stacked 50 feet high. I now know how Pac-Man must have felt when he was cornered with no where to go and now have a strange sympathy for him. I ended up having to duck underneath the racks and cross to the next row. All this in 3-inch heels. Forget working out, I'm playing in a real-life video game.

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Betsy N said...

HE he he. You are fabulous! So funny. Blessings - Betsy