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Monday, May 08, 2006


My fantastic, fabulous and amazing friend Amy Tyus is engaged!

Yesterday was her and Franklin's 4th anniversary, and to surprise her, he told her that instead of getting ready for church, that she needed to get ready that morning for a day trip. He took her down to the airport, wouldn't let her see where their destination was until they got to the gate, flew her up to New York city, and then proposed in the middle of Central Park. Well done Franklin, well done.

I have been waiting for this phone call and flipped out when she told me that she was getting married. This included screaming, laughing, hallelujahs and lots of tears.

~On a side note, why will tears immediately signal **danger, danger!!** to all men within a 50 ft radius of a crying female? We are not creatures that need to be shot down with a tranquilizer dart gun to be safe enough to handle if the slightest bit of moisture appears in the corner of our eyes. Tears will appear when we are happy, mad, surprised, tired, and just possibly, when we are upset. Have you ever noticed how men in general will avert their eyes, put their hands in their pockets or pick up the nearest, biggest, sharpest tool they can grab, and start to whistle? Classic defense mechanism. They can't really do the first part of flight or fight, and the last part would be unadvised when a female is in cry mode. Not a recommended combo. So, they are left with standing there, anxious about what's going to happen next, and looking for the best escape route. On the other hand, tears are totally normal to women, and something we are comfortable with. Some hormonal signal must be emitted because it tends to make other women have an irresistible urge to hug and will draw other females in a one mile circumference to them. I guess it's like women not understanding how grunts and guns are the perfect combo for male bonding. ~

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