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Monday, March 27, 2006


I was sent this article "Not Your Buddy" a little while ago and wanted to share it. It has a lot of wisdom concerning what a lot of my girlfriends (and myself in the past) have experienced.


"Companions, she says, generally spend less than two hours together a week. When a man indicates he would like to see the woman more than that, but claims they are "just friends," he sends a mixed message.

Dr. Reeve writes: "One party can selfishly enjoy all the benefits of a relationship, the warmth and relief from loneliness, the satisfaction of the attention that feeds the ego — all without the accompanying commitment. One party luxuriates, while the other party feels cheated and is left with deep unsatisfied longings."

I've recently observed several non-dating relationships that seem to fall into the "intimate friends" category. In every case, it is the woman who is paying the price emotionally. Why? When a guy starts investing his heart, he can do something about it by making a move. And if the girl rejects him, the friendship ends or changes significantly. A woman, however, can hang on in this kind of relationship indefinitely, hoping the guy will eventually share her feelings. She makes herself available to him as a "friend," all the while hoping the friendship will blossom into something more."

3 Remarks:

Stewart said...

Wow, that article wasn't very flattering to guys at all... that being said, Brad is a jerk, and Nick is an idiot.

As for the rest of that article - been there, done that, got the t-shirt. None of it was very fun.

Don't forget you also have girls that drop the (courtesy of Austin) Atomic Friend Bomb.

eZm said...

where oh where is my friend Melissa?

Stewart said...

It's like you start dating someone, and then you fall off the face of the earth! ;) =P