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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pride cometh before the fall...

Today is the love-day of all loverly days for America, the day for chocolate and roses (over-priced), tacky diamond hearts for a $100 at Kay jewelers and for romance in general. That being said, I'm fairly neutral when it comes to Valentine's day. Since it's right after my birthday, in the past I have taken pity on the poor soul who's job it was to make both of those days special and downplayed this day for required romance. But sometimes as a girl, (and I'm a girly-girl at that) it's nice to have roses when you see them everywhere. So I decided yesterday in Eatzies, when I saw beautiful peachy-pink roses crying out to me, that I would take them home. That I would not be subject to the bitterness that so many women subscribe to on Valentine's day when they are single, but yet I would not wait for someone else to bring me flowers since I wanted their beauty in my home. Now, me buying flowers for myself is not all that unusual, since they make me smile whenever I see them, but I decided to give into a little pride, congratulate myself for not falling into the pitfalls that some of my friends have fallen into (some jumped in) concerning this commercial holiday, and that is when the fall came. Specifically, that is when my gorgeous, delicate and perfect roses catapulted off of the crook of my arm and fell head first onto the floor as I walked thru the door. Great. That is what I deserved. I now have six roses, and several bowls of fragrant rose petals. Happy Valentines Day!

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