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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mini Headache

**Update: those of you who were concerned on my behalf for my mini - it resurrected itself after 48 hrs of intense finessing...meaning it magically turned on while being plugged into iTunes for no good reason or explination**

To all my technically advanced friends...can I get your help?!? My mini-ipod is not responding at all and I have tried resetting it according to Apple troubleshooting and several google searches. I think the battery is fully discharged, but it won't take a charge from either the wall charger or when attached to the computer. I wouldn't care...but this is urgent since in the next 10 days I am taking 6 flights with a few killer layovers and will need the ability to drown out and zone out to my favorite tunes...any suggestions? Offers to come to my rescue?

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