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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

California Dreaming

I am in the beautiful state of existance otherwise known as California...specifically San Diego. Whenever I'm out on the west coast I wish I could become a California girl, the beautiful beaches, laid back attitudes, and awesome weather...speaking of weather, I would pick the one week out of the year when southern California is getting rain. People out here freak out when there is rain. Much like Atlantans with ice or the hint of a snowflake. They do not know how to drive in a light shower much less the torrents that have been coming down the past few days. It should clear up soon and I'll get to put my feet in the sand, walk down the pier at PB, see the seals on Seal beach, soak up the sun in La Jolla and be introduced to sushi by my brother, Brad. I'm about to take his bike out and explore...life is good.

PS - Mom, don't worry, I could never leave the south...I would miss the sweet tea too much...people out here don't know what they are missing...at least you taught Brad how to make it and he always has a pitcher in the fridge...

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Stewart said...

That's a really cool template! I'm just glad to see that blogspot has more than the same three our other friends use..