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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Grocery Aisle Adventures

When I have to do enough grocery shopping to actually merit getting the full cart, it is likely that you will see me riding it down the aisles...I have done this since I was a child, and I can't seem to help myself. Pushing off and seeing how far I can coast is a contest for me. The only time I restrict this behavior is at peak hours...not for fear of embarrassing myself, more that I don't want to run over grandma.

When a stranger approaches you and tells you that your skin looks so soft and pretty that it is like "butter" there are several things that run through your head. One is thank you and I needed that compliment today, compliments when they are least expected are sometimes the most appreciated...and wondering exactly what does looking "like butter" mean?

I LUV that Publix has the service of helping you take out groceries...this ministers to me for some reason...

I went on a blind date today...a friend blind date! So lovely that a sweet, fun girl and I have so many friends in common and that she got in touch to say let's meet and grab lunch...and now I know why so many of my friends love this girl. And, I have to say, this turned out to be WAY more enjoyable than the myriad blind dates I suffered through this past summer/fall. I highly recommend the friend blind date...if we can do this to find love, why can't we do this to find fabulous friendship?

Nothing like having younger brother call and build you up...reminding you that you are the bad#@! that he always knew you were growing up...but he will maintain that he still the cooler of the two of us...and I would have to agree..right now he lives on the PB on the ocean in San Diego, I would give anything for a beach right now.

Last minute plans for a girls night out including a tapas restaurant (no mom, not topless like you always think I'm saying) wine and good conversation with plenty of laughter is always a great way to spend a cold Thursday evening.

It is fantastic that it's cold again...I'm not ready for spring...this is good, cuddly weather to snuggle up in! My down blanket can go back into service now.

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