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Friday, December 16, 2005

Sleepless in Atlanta

Sleep is something that usually comes easily to me, but occasionally I have the unusual event of turning out the light, snuggling beneath my down blanket (I know it's not really that cold, but then I do have the ceiling fan running at hurricane strength) saying a few last prayers, and then patiently waiting to drift off into dreamland, and then....nothing...I'm awake with a million and one thoughts running through my head at light speed, counting to 100 is not helping, switching to the cool side of the pillow is not bringing the usual comfort, and praying to be delivered into sleep is not working. When I was little my grandmother would have me drink a cup of warm milk to help me fall asleep - who knows, but I wasn't going that far last night. So after an hour+ of this (have you ever been more aggravated at a little clock than the one at your bedside right then?) I'm throwing off the covers, picking up my phone and dialing friends on the West Coast...and, of course, none of them are available. It is too cold, dark, unsafe to go take a long walk to make me sleepy, and I've already turned the computer off...so I climb back in bed and start reading. Finally, feeling sleep creep up on me, I'm able to get cozy and the next thing I know it's morning, and it's a glorious morning!!! It is beautiful this morning with bright blue skies. Psalm 19:1!!! The best recovery after a restless night is to wake up to beauty, to a windchime tinkling in the breeze, bright pansies outside on my porch, good music (Coldplay's Clocks on my iPod), a good day ahead with fun plans, and talking with God. So happy it's morning...

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