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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Latest Update

Nothing new to update in terms of my Dad's health, other than he is at his weakest physically right now and is hoping to see some improvement in his overall condition. He and Mom are driving down for Christmas on the 23rd, so please pray that they are able to make the 14-15 hr drive in relative ease. They are doing it in one day on a busy travel time, so safety and endurance are specific requests. We won't know until late Jan-Feb what the outcome of the treatment is...something that I think is at the back of all our minds, but we don't want to discuss it with each other. It just seems that if you have to go through treatment like this that the outcome should automatically be miraculous results. We will know then if it has been eradicated, stayed static, or spread further...obviously we want the first outcome...but at the same time we are trying to prepare for anything, I think we all took the initial news as a devastating blow because we had convinced ourselves that nothing could possibly be wrong. We will all be together at Christmas, so that is a big blessing in itself.

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