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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Lessons Learned

A few thoughts of lessons that I have learned this past Thanksgiving weekend while staying in a 1.5 bedroom apt in Philadelphia with my parents, brother and his girlfriend...

1. Life is good when moments are shared with those you love
2. It is a good idea to lock the bathroom door when you are about to get in the shower
3. Hugs from Grandmommy and Papa make you feel like you are a little girl again
4. Crazy gas tanker trucks like to merge three lanes over in the middle of Philadelphia's center city
5. You are going to tear up when you see your brother give your Daddy a goodbye kiss on the cheek in the airport - have tissues at the ready
6. Do NOT under any circumstances accidentally sit in the "hot seat" at Thanksgiving dinner
7. Going to radiation treatment with your Daddy can really make you thankful for "little" things like health and family
8. It is not necessarily a good night's sleep when you are sharing a bed with someone who suffers from allergies
9. Time with an old college friend is time well spent
10. Flying into Atlanta on the stormiest day in recent history with a 3.5 hr delay + scared dog + too many bags to carry + not being able to take Marta b/c I'm alone and it was past midnight + taking a taxi that doesn't accept credit cards = me being really thankful to finally walk through the front door!

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