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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Treatment Update

An update about my Dad, he did well last week with radiation and chemo (chemo will be every Friday) He is now starting to feel the effects, but the anti-naseau medicine did a fairly good job for most of the weekend. He is continuing to work, and my Mom is picking him up and taking him to treatment. They are now in a little apt, very cozy, like newlyweds. Please pray for his continued strength during treatment, there are 6 weeks left. Please pray for my mother's strength to be his cheerful support and that she would be uplifted while playing the cheerleader away from friends, church and their support group/community. Brad was in town this past week/weekend, and it was really good to see him and get a hug. We are all going to be together at Thanksgiving, which will be the first time since May, and since we got the news about Dad's diagnosis.

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