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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Orb Weavers

Ok, now most of you know that I don't like spiders. I am not too scared of them to kill them, but I would probably be considered a spider assassin - I'm not one of those kind-heartened people that will put a spider outside. "If it gets in my space, it's dead" is my way of thinking. Well, I have a mini-version of the movie "Arachniphobia" going on outside my porch. I have 3, THREE, orb weavers outside my windows and porch. One was fine - and the webs were pretty, but then another showed up - still outside the window, so not happy about the arrival, but I could deal with it. Well number 3 showed up this morning - on top of my flowers on my porch. Well, I can't water them because I am not going near a spider that is the size of a silver dollar with a sandal as my weapon. Plus, I'm afraid it will eat Molly when I let her hang out on the porch. My mission today is to get a long-distance spider spray to take care of this issue. Uggghhhhhhh!

Just in case you think I'm being a wimp, take a look at this:

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